‘The Rose’ – Video

‘The Rose’ – Video

‘The Rose’ Video- Narrated by Michael York.

trt: 8:20

The Caroline Victoria rose has been created to honor the memory of Caroline Victoria Coldicutt who died tragically at the age of just 17. Caroline, whose passion was fine art and painting, was particularly talented at depicting tranquil landscapes. She won regional art awards for her landscape scenes and her work has been shown in exhibitions and galleries in California, London and Paris. Caroline’s love of the nuance and serenity of landscapes and colours is elegantly reflected in the subtle beauty of the Caroline Victoria rose.

The Caroline Victoria rose will raise funds for The Caroline Victoria Arts Foundation and The Royal Theatrical Fund. At first encounter, this light, creamy rose evokes effortless serenity and grace. Few sights in the garden are more conducive of reflection than a perfect, elegant ivory-white rose on a quiet, still day.

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